a weekend of firsts.

Start-ups. Apps. High tech. Wireless. Key-less. These are the words flooding our world these days. There are so many cool innovations out there today and this past weekend I had the pleasure of trying out a whole bunch of awesome new-to-me companies/products.

Lots of trips back and forth to Austin this summer means a great excuse to rack up some miles/points. jetBlue offers a direct flight from JFK to AUS which is awesome despite the longer drive to the airport. Plus, I love that jetBlue offers free wifi (because it's in Beta mode), free TV, tons of delicious free snacks (yum PopChips!), and lots of legroom. So far, my experience has been great especially coupled with the awesome perks located in Terminal 5 at JFK. I'm already looking forward to my next jetBlue flight in 15 days!

A fleet of SmartCars at your disposal! C and I signed up for a membership because it's an easy way to get around Austin (especially for him since he doesn't have a car). Unlike ZipCar, you can pick up a C2G wherever you see one on the map, get in, drive to your location, and leave the car right where it is. You do not have to return the car to any designated area or parking spots (just keep it in the "home area). They are so fun to drive and there are tons of them all over Austin. Another fun perk, you can pick up a car at The Parking Spot at the Austin airport and then drive it to your location! This worked great for me when I landed after midnight last Thursday. I was able to reserve a car with I landed, take the Parking Spot shuttle, grab a d car, and be on my way. When I arrived at C's house, I just parked the car and left it there. Easy!

So Uber is nothing new if you live in Dallas or NYC, but newsflash, not a lot of Uber cars in little 'ole New Haven. Uber used to be in Austin but due to some regulations, they had to shut down for a little while. Now it's back and it being offered for FREE until June 19th to celebrate their first two weeks back. I had the pleasure of testing out UberX when I needed a ride to the airport to pick up a rental car for the weekend. My driver was great and my $33 ride was FREE! Use this code to get $10 ride credit.

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