monday musings.

>> You guys, I miss sorority life. SMU had bid day last week and it totally made me sentimental for my DG days in college and all my amazing sisters. I've always wanted to get involved with Delta Gamma as an alum but I never felt like I had the right opportunity. I was recently inspired to apply to be an advisor for the local DG chapter at UCONN. I'm really hoping there will be a way for me to get involved with them.

>> We saw Lone Survivor over the weekend and I desperately tried not to sob throughout the whole movie. It's an incredibly heartbreaking story but well played by Matt Damon. War and the beliefs of crazy people really makes my sad. I felt (and still feel) so incredibly sad for all those families. Regardless, go see it. Bring tissues.

>> You might have seen on Insta that I managed to convince C to run around town visiting consignment and antique stores hunting down a bar cart. I'm so pumped to have found the most perfect cart for $30. It's just what I had in mind and the price was so right. I'm going to spray paint it navy blue but I already love how it looks in our place. I found all the accessories and bar items around the house. All I ended up adding so far was a white tray from West Elm. Now I just need it to warm up so I can spray paint it.

>> C's birthday is coming up. I'm a bad wife because I'm at a total loss as to what to get him or what to do for him. Help!!

>> We're considering getting rid of cable. Have you done it? I'm pretty sure with Apple TV, Google Chrome Cast, Amazon Prime, an iPad, and shows on iTunes (like Mad Men), I think we can get everything we'd want to want. But I sure will miss the Food Network and HGTV.

>> I pre-ordered Needtobreathe's new album and got two of their new songs for free. Obviously, I already love them and have listened to them 100 times. In my opinion, they can do no wrong.

>> I made these brownies yesterday and they are SO DANG GOOD. Like, it's scary how good they are. Especially when you consider that they are made with black beans. Like legit just black beans and cocoa and other yummy stuff. Go make them. 

>> I need to confess something....ever since taking my blog private, I've been feeling kinda sad about the blog traffic. I mean I used to get over 100 pageviews a I'm at like I guess I lied when I said I didn't need to be validated by pageviews. Or maybe I just need to adjust to this new audience...?! #ugh

>> Yay snow! 

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  1. Yeah for your bar cart--it sounds SUPER cute! As for Craig's bday, I totally feel ya, Brian is SO hard to buy for. Not sure what you are thinking, but I really like the site Uncrate for guys; it has some great ideas! Also, we got rid of cable and between netflix and iTunes, we don't miss it at all. I would highly recommend it :)

    Hope all is well! xo


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