monday musings.

>> This is my 78th monday musing. I thought, for sure, I'd be closer to 100 by now....

>> Today is C's birthday - Happy Birthday!! The weekend of festivities was sort of a flop. His gifts included guidebooks for our trip, whiskey glasses, and a suitcase. Oh so practical. Then I planned a surprise trip to take a cooking class to learn how to make croissants but they changed the time on us and we missed the class. Turns out it was for the better because they refunded us and gave us a free class. I think C was glad to pass on the class. I did get him two super perfect birthday cards that he thoroughly enjoyed, so that's a win. Oh and there was cake. His special cake. 

>> I'm super excited to be auditing a class at Yale this semester! Partners are allowed to audit two classes a semester...for FREE! Thankfully, I have the most amazing job in the world and they are graciously letting me attend Foundations in Education Studies which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-10:15am. I'm really excited to sit in on this class and feeling pretty lucky that work it on bored with it. Tomorrow will be my first class and I have a bit of reading to do tonight.

>> Now that everything is booked, I'm excited to starting reading through all the articles I bookmarked to get ready for our trip to Athens and Istanbul. I gave C two guidebooks for his birthday and as lame as it sounds, I kinda like reading through them. If you have any tips/suggestions, send them my way! 

>> On to more important things like this stellar makeup brush. Disclaimer: I would NEVER spend $50 on a brush but this thing got insane reviews and you know what, I just felt like it. It was definitely a treat but it's supposed to replace ALL your other brushes (aside from eye shadow). I watched this video and was hooked. I tested it out this morning and I kinda love it. Definitely makes makeup application super fast and I feel like I'm using less product. I also liked the airbrushed effect it gave my skin. I don't feel like I'm pulling and tugging on my skin as much.  

>> Also, while we're on the topic of Sephora...when I made the brush purchase this weekend, the lady goes "CONGRATS! You've earned VIB Rouge status!". And I'm all...."hmmm ok, well thanks!" And she tucks a fancy little package into my bag. I opened it when I got home and read through the info....perks and benefits and free shipping. Sweet. But then I logged in online and saw that in order to earn VIB Rouge status you have to spend $1000+ in one calendar year. Yea, don't worry C, I haven't even spent close to that much money at Sephora recently...probably not even in three years. Moral of the story is...accept the computer glitch and move on. 

>> I'm on the hunt for a great, lightweight, versatile purse for travelling. I love a good crossbody bag but I don't want something super heavy especially when I'm doing lots of walking. I'd love something that's nylon so that it's easy to clean. I don't want a bag that will attract a lot of attention either. Any suggestions? I feel like I've exhausted my usual places. 

>> I'm really sorry that all I've written lately has been monday musings. I have a bunch of things drafted but just haven't felt the urge to publish. I'll get on it ASAP....or probably more like eventually....


  1. Fossil always has cute cross bodies that are leather so you can just wipe off any stains!!

  2. Do you think I could get a discount on that awesome brush because of my name? ;)

    And speaking of my name....I do love (bandwagon, I know!) Rebecca Minkoff cross bodies--such fun colors and, in my opinion, the perfect day to night bag. So so excited for your trip!

  3. Sorry your weekend was such a flop. I had fun Saturday night....


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