monday musings.

>> A big thank you to everyone who opted in to still read this blog. Making the decision to take it private was not an easy one. After all, I was approaching 40k page views since I rebranded to Blogger in February of 2013. I'm thrilled that so many of you enjoy what's posted on this space. I love being able to look back at all my posts and I'm happy to share recipes, favorite products, and travel adventures with each of you. I'd just rather know who's reading this. In the end, this blog will never make money and I'll never have sponsors. I don't need page views to validate my life. The end.

>> Getting back into the swing of things after a great (and long!) vacation has been tough. Did you know that the Monday after Christmas/NYE is apparently the most depressing day of the year? Things were going strong until like...Tuesday. Ha! It's tough to find my rhythm again. C just started back up with classes today as well, so I was super jealous of all the sleeping in he was doing last week. 

>> We threw a dinner party for another couple last Thursday and it was such a much fun that I don't have a single picture. I roasted my first chicken (and it was cooked through in time for dinner!), made Ina Garten's Cheesey Grits, and roasted some brussels sprouts with caramelized onions, bacon, and an apple cider glaze. We had affogato sundaes (espresso and ice cream) for dessert. I'm still amazed and pretty darn proud of myself that it all turned out amazing because I chose a menu I'd never made before. In fact, I made up the brussels sprouts recipe as I went along. So there you go, I'm just gonna go ahead and give myself a pat on the back. 

>> The new Yale SOM building opened this weekend and C was part of the host committee greeting VIP guests and facilitating the events. I finally got my private tour on Sunday. It's an amazing space and so bright and high-tech. 

>> We are so lame and drove 0.1 miles to dinner on Saturday night because it was raining so hard. We went to a new place in our neighborhood called Oak Haven. I'm still dreaming about the amazing Vanilla Chai Old Fashioned and Espresso Creme Brûlée. 

>> At the recommendation of some friends, I started making a "1st Year" book. Our friends have been making a book to document each year of their marriage. I thought it was such a great idea because it not only gets all the great pictures off your computer but it's a fun book to look through and collect over the years. I'm obviously using Artifact Uprising (my favorite photo book company) and I'm already loving how it's turning out. These first six months have been pretty great (happy 6 months to us today!).

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