desk drawer must-haves.

After working in an office for the past few years, I've come to learn that it's very important to have a few creature comforts safely stashed away in your desk. Obviously my trusty desk drawer is full of essentials like a stapler, pens, and tape, but there are a few other items that I consider to be must-haves. 

>> No matter what kind of lotion, primer, or mattifier I use, I'm always a little oily by 2pm. I love these sheets because they leave your make-up in place while getting rid of that greasy feel. I keep a pack not only in my desk but in every bag as well. 

>> No one likes to sit in a meeting full of people with coffee breath. Personally, regular Altoids are too minty for me but the "smalls" ones are just right. I keep them around not only for myself but for coworkers in need as well. 

>> I haaaaate that dried out feeling you get after washing your hands with that nasty, industrial hand soap in company bathrooms. Great smelling hand lotion is a must. I love this specific variety because it doesn't leave a greasy feel and smells amazing.

>> I'm obsessed with softlips specifically the vanilla and watermelon varieties. I like the slight tingling sensation and it seems to hydrate my lips without the need to reapply 17 times a day. 

>> The wisps go along the same lines as the mints, just taking it one step further. I don't know about you, but after some tea with honey, or a whole bunch of sweet office treats, my teeth feel like they have a sweater on them. And there is nothing worse than sitting around with that feeling all day. These make it easy to brush away that feeling without a trip to the bathroom with your toothbrush and toothpaste. 

 >> Headphones are an obvious choice for a desk drawer. I work in a very open-plan office and when it's time to hunker down and get some real work done, I rely on my headphones to keep me focused. 

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