{recipe} chicken, sweet potato, orzo soup

It's officially soup season and I'm psyched! I didn't always love soups but since I've starting making my own, I like them a lot more. It's amazing that they'll put into that canned crap. Also, the noodles are always so dang soggy. It's just gross. Anyway, we've been doing a lot of soup around these parts because it's easy, feeds many, and reheats beautifully. 

After two batches of Butternut Squash Apple Soup, it was time for something new. I came across this recipe inspiration on one of my Pinterest boards and knew it was perfect. 

First of all, it's super super simple. You really only need a few ingredients which you most likely have on hand. The shredded rotisserie chicken means you don't need to spend hours roasting your own. You could also use any kind of squash instead of sweet potato...that's just what we had on hand. Additionally, whole wheat orzo would be delicious in this or even rice if you had some left over. This really is an "anything goes" kind of soup.

What's your favorite kind of soup for fall?

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