monday musings.

Recently, I've felt a little self-consious about sharing stuff on this blog. I had one of those revelations where I was, everything anyone wanted to know about's all here...

But that moment didn't last long and I'm back at it, updating away!

>> C started orientation for school last week. It. was. insane. He's basically at school all day and then there is usual a social function at night that I tag along to. We've met some great people already and we're attempting to settle into a routine. Actual classes won't start until next week.

>> Two weeks ago, before orientation started, we took a little trip to Baltimore to pick up a few things from the new in-laws, see friends etc. It was great to catch up with the Baltimore gang for a few days. However, the drive. Yikes. We must have the worst luck with traffic. We're taking the train from now on. 

>> Our place really feels like home after we built an awesome bench from Target and hung our coat rack (yay registry present!). In celebration, we threw our first party last week to kick off orientation. We invited three other couples over for appetizers, drinks and dessert. The event was a huge hit and it was so fun to show off our place. I'll be sure to follow up with a post detailing all the goodies we made. 

>> I just got my membership to the Yale gym last week. I also FINALLY signed up for a membership at Black Swan Yoga TV. Basically, for $8/month you subscribe to a teacher's channel and you can watch yoga videos whenever you want. They have all different varieties, lengths,'s such an amazing site. And for less than the cost of one studio class. I subscribed to Alisha and took her Sun Salutations class yesterday afternoon. Loved it. 

>> C and I have been doing some running around our neighborhood but I've definitely been working out much less than I did in Dallas. I've been toying with the idea of running the Hartford Half in October...which means I should probably get my butt into gear. I'm hoping that with my new gym membership, I'll be more inclined to mix up my workouts and start swimming again. I'm also still interested in exploring the world of spinning so I'm excited to see the Yale gym class schedule when that comes out.

>> Tomorrow C and I will have been married for one whole month. Whaaaa?? It feels like the wedding was just yesterday. We're already obsessed with the pictures we've seen that perfectly captured our day.

>> We spent Saturday night just outside Queens visiting this amazing couple we met on our honeymoon. They had waited 30 years to make the trip to Hawaii! We had such a blast chatting with them on our boat cruise (which reminds me, I owe you a honeymoon post!) that they insisted we come over for dinner when we returned from our trip. We had such a wonderful dinner with them and we got to meet their daughter and new-ish (1 year) husband. People man. They'll getcha which that kindness thing.

>> I finally got C out on the golf course with me last week and we had a blast. It took me at least 6 holes to get back in my groove but it was great to be back out on my home course. C is exploring the idea of getting some sticks of his own so we can play the Yale course together. 

>> There was also this time where I made biscuits on Saturday morning...on a whim. 

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