{our wedding} the honeymoon

Shortly after we got engaged, C announced that we'd be honeymooning in Hawaii. Ok well maybe he wasn't that dramatic but he had a pretty strong opinion about it. Knowing that I had more on my plate than I could handle, I gladly accepted his willingness to plan and execute the most perfect honeymoon. 

It wasn't until just a week or so before we left, that I was clued in to what we'd be doing. We sat down together and picked out a bunch of activities that we had our travel agent (she was amazing!) book. When we arrived at the hotel, they simply printed our itinerary and we were on our way. 

Our honeymoon consisted of a bit of adventure mixed with plenty of beach/pool time. We ate some of the most amazing meals, we explored waterfalls, we met great people, we slept in, we ate our weight in carbs at breakfast, and we took it all one day at a time.

So in honor of celebrating 1 month of marriage, I'm sharing a few pictures of our adventure with you!

Destination: Kauai, HI

>> Merriman's Fish House (seriously best meal I've ever had...)

>> Horseback Riding - CJM Country Stables
>> Helicopter Tour and landing at Jurassic Park Waterfall - Island Helicopters
>> Napali Coast Sunset Sail - Capt. Andy's
>> Lu'au - Grand Hyatt Kauai

We also toted this book everywhere we went. It was a gift from friends who had previously honeymooned in Kauai. 

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