T-shirts. I probably have 20+ tees in my drawer. I probably wear 3 of them. My past favorite tees used to be those super soft vintage tees from JCrew. Then I realized that after just a few washings, they were shredding. So that was awesome. 

But seriously, let's talk about finding the perfect t-shirt. Some are too sheer. Most shrink the minute you wash them. The torso is too short. They stretch out too much. The problems are endless. And the tees that actually do fit the bill, usually come with a hefty price tag. 

Then there was Everlane. And the world was made right. The tees are $15. They don't have a store. They are cutting out the middle man. Genius! 

Not only do they make the most perfect tees (I ordered two and now need 6 more...), they have also curated the most perfect selection of men's and women's basics. I'm on my way to ordering one of everything. 

Why did it take someone so long to make something so perfect?

This is not a sponsored post. I just really like t-shirts and want you to know about a super awesome brand. However, I do earn referral rewards if you use my link.

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