monday musings.

1. It's wedding month! Aside from a million and 1 wedding related things going on, we've also managed to do other fun stuff! 

2. I took down the gross sliding blinds in our bedroom and installed curtains! #handy

3. We spent some time at the beach with one of my bridesmaids. Perks of unemployment people (aside form sleeping in until whenever you want...)! 

4. We hiked East Rock with Lizzie and took her to BAR for mashed potato bacon pizza and seasonal watermelon beer. Insanely amazing. 

5. We went for our first "trail" run and I loved it, but I'm still really slow. 

6. We made seating arrangements, put stickers on water bottles, ordered straws, ribbon and other goodies from Etsy. Yay weddings! It's almost here!

7. I treated myself to this top from JCrew and this dress (why yes, it does glow in the dark!) from Lilly for the honeymoon! Hello Hawaii! 

8. I'm still crushing on this mascara from Trish McEvoy and I picked out this lipstick for the wedding. 

9. I fell in love with this dry shampoo in my Birchbox and I'm obsessed with this wave spray from Oribe. Summer staple (and a summer splurge). PS. Need a Birchbox invite code?

10. I'm living off smoothies lately. Current flavor combos include peanut butter blueberry with almond milk and spinach and "pina colada" with coconut water, mango, banana and pineapple. 

hi john :) 

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