a skincare update | part III

Last Wednesday, I spent the evening talking skincare and make-up with my sweet friend, Casey. While not only knowledgeable about skincare (she's a Licensed Esthetician and PCA SKIN® Certified Chemical Peel Professional), she's also an all-star triathlete! I mean, this girl is FAST! So when she's not making other girls cry at races for beating them by several minutes, she's running her chemical peel business. Talk about one rockin' chick!

As you've noticed from my prior two posts, I'm on a mission to make my skin healthy and glowing in time for the wedding. It's still a few months away but healthy skin takes time...and patience. I knew Casey would be the right person to go to for this. Not only would I be able to receive an awesome chemical peel, but she knows a whole lot about skincare and what products to use (even what foods to eat!).

If you're anything like me, chemical peels probably don't sound enjoyable or glamorous. Well I'm here to set the record straight! First of all, a chemical peel is not a facial. Instead of leaving your appointment looking worse than you walked in, you'll leave a chemical peel feeling glowy and smooth. Also, you don't need weeks of recovery or downtime. Lastly, your face will not necessarily be peeling off. I also found this article helpful on PCA's blog.

Let's talk about the process, my experience and the results!

Wednesday PM: Casey briefed me on all the products she'd be using and what I could expect to feel. She first used a soft pad to swipe some toner over my face to rebalance the PH level and remove any excess grease. Next came the peel solution. The sensation was hot and tingly but not terribly uncomfortable. I was able to fan my face to cool it off as the sensation subsided. Next came different layers of healing products. (I've listed all the products Casey used/recommended at the bottom of the post). Lastly, Casey applied some moisturizer and hydro-cortisone Although shiny, my skin felt extremely smooth and healthy! Look at this picture RIGHT after the peel! I went home with instructions to do NOTHING to my face for the next 8 hours.

Thursday AM: Casey sent me home with a post-procedure kit which contained Face Wash, Rebalance, Apres Peel, sunscreen and Silkcoat Balm. I washed my face and applied the Rebalance and Apres Peel as instructed. I was then able to apply all my normal make-up including my coveted Bobbi Brown BB Cream.

Thursday PM: I noticed very little peeling around my chin by the end of the day. I washed my face again that evening and applied the proper moisturizers. I also applied my spot treatment for those stubborn pimples.

Friday AM: I washed my face in the shower with the provided wash being careful not to let the water get too hot on my face. Again, I only had very minor peeling around my chin where Casey applied a little extra peel to help heal that area where I've been breaking out a lot.

Friday PM: I sent a tragic picture of my chin to Casey asking how best to handle the peeling I was dealing with in that area. She said to use the Silkcoat Balm morning and night. She also advised to try not to use make-up in that area as it only highlights the peeling. 

Saturday: I was seeing some serious results. My scars/spots were fading and my skin felt super soft. I figured out that "patting" my tinted BB cream on the peeling areas helped my skin look even without causing more peeling.  

Sunday: The peeling was basically gone and my skin tone was looking more and more even. I was still diligently battling a few stubborn pimples but they weren't nearly as red.

My skin has continued to improve each day. My make-up goes on smoother (and I need less of it!). I've also decided to use a few PCA SKIN products to help keep my skin on track in the months leading up to the wedding. 

While investing in the health of your skin can seem too expensive, too daunting, or too invasive, think again! Casey is available to do peels at your home or at hers and she's also currently offering special packages to brides! Get in touch with her and get on your way to glowing on your wedding day! 

All the products used during my appointment with Casey:
  1. Facial Wash Oily/Problem – removes excess oil and makeup 
  2. Smoothing Toner – removes any remaining oil, provides a baseline for your sensitivity 
  3. PCA Peel HQ Free – I applied 2 layers of the peel solution 
  4. Nutrient “Cocktail” – I combined several correctives to create a customized blend of nutrients to address your skin care concerns. 
    1. Anti-redness – reduces inflammation and alleviates redness 
    2. ExLinea – minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (never too early to start with anti-ing!) 
    3. Hydrating Serum – aka “baby skin” in a bottle, also provides much needed hydration during the winter months 
    4. Intensive Clarity – .5% retinol promotes even skin tone and clarity 
    5. Vitamin C – brightens the skin, antioxidants combat free radical damage 
  5. Après Peel Soothing Balm – calms any inflammation 
  6. ReBalance – rebalances the pH of your skin 
  7. EyeXcellence – reduces/prevents fine lines and wrinkle around the eye area 
  8. Peptide Lip Therapy – exfoliate and hydrate your lips 
  9. Post-procedure kit – use for 3 to 5 days or until flaking subsides post treatment to enhance the overall effectiveness of the treatment

Disclaimer: While I was provided with a free peel, the opinions are all my own. Casey is a dear friend and smart about skincare. I'll be seeing her again before the wedding (and paying!) so you know it's worth it. 

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  1. I'm loving the mario badescu products you recommended (and I immediately looked into and purchased)! I'm not sure I'm at a point where I need a peel, but I'm loving the way the other products are working on my skin! I mentioned ot my roommates last night how time-consuming skicnare is, but like you said - so worth it!


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