monday musings.

Andddddd we're back. My sincere apologies for the lapse in fulfilling and thought-provoking content. Things have been a little nuts. Where did we leave off...

1. Two weekends ago we pet a penguin and a giraffe at the Dallas Zoo.

2. I ran my first half marathon that weekend as well!

3. Just three days after that, I signed up for ANOTHER half marathon.

4. Then I signed up for a 15k in February. What the HECK is wrong with me?

5. This past Thursday was C's company Christmas party at Hibiscus. The food was underwhelming, the company was hilarious and the gift is proving to be useful interesting.

6. Friday we attended a surprise engagement party for our sweet friends. The plan went off without a hitch and the new bride-to-be was so surprised - her reaction was priceless. It was such a treat to be a part of their special day. Congrats you two!

7. After a much needed walk around White Rock with my "other" soul-mate, C and I braved NorthPark to do our Christmas shopping. We were SO successful and got everything on our list!

8. We came home to this amazing book in our mailbox on Saturday night. By Sunday morning, I was halfway through it. HUGE thank you to my sweet cousins for sending us this incredible book. It's already proving to be invaluable. Her blog is even more helpful. So glad we have this resource.

9. Through her blog I stumbled upon these amazing printed invitation sets. HELLO money saver!

10. Sunday we managed to stay in our PJs until 2pm. What sounds unproductive to you was actually a very productive day of gift wrapping and life planning.

11. Sunday evening was spent babysitting this ball of fluff. He's the most precious pup in the world and we almost took him home. To his parents: we'll babysit him ANYTIME you want. Seriously. He's gotten to big since I last saw him!

12. This is the last week of work for me before the holidays and it's going to be busy. I have a Secret Santa Party tonight which is always a blast. Then the rest of the week will be spent getting workouts in, cleaning up the apartment, and packing for Florida.
....are we all caught up now?

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