as my heart aches.

A week ago, I was sitting at my desk browsing twitter (taking a little break from doing work), and I started seeing the news about Newtown, CT. I was immediately overwhelmed and concerned. 
I grew up in Westport, CT which is about 40 minutes from Newtown. My best friend is a school psychologist in Easton (30 minutes away). My high school gymnastics coach is now a high school teacher at Newtown High.

The events really started to hit home. I was scared for the people I knew but also for those I didn't know. All the schools in the area were on lockdown. I was thankfully able to confirm with my friend in Easton that she was ok.
I'm lucky. I don't know any of the victims personally. But you know what? There were police officers at every school in Westport the next day. 

We can argue about gun control and mental illness. We can blame parents, teachers, and administrators. None of that will bring those innocent children and teachers back. Nothing. 

Banner in Westport, CT

My heart is aching for those families who will gather for the holidays without a member of their family. My heart aches for the parents who wrapped presents for their babies that won't be able to open them. My heart aches for the children at Sandy Hook Elementary who are scared, confused and grieving. A 6 year-old shouldn't have to grieve the loss of their playground buddy. 
As the aftermath of this event continues to rock the entire country, I can only hope that our country send messages of love, hope and peace to Newtown. While we debate gun rights and the proper care for the mentally ill, I hope this nation takes a moment to remember the spirit of Christmas. 

I don't have any answers for those families. All I have for them are prayers and love. 

I found this article to be helpful. It's easy, in times like these, to turn from God and to not trust in Him. It's easy to wonder how He would let this happen.

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