my relationship. with blogging.

My relationship with blogging is…
Basically, it’s a love/hate relationship. I LOVE the digital archive it creates. Snapshots of moments in time. Images I’m inspired by. Words I’m encouraged by. Silly stories. Weekend festivities. 
I used to share more “information”. They I posted ONLY pictures. I posted a few recipes but I never felt that my photography was up to par. I posted training workouts but found myself tempted to fib so that I wouldn’t have to admit to the world that I missed a workout. 
It ebbs and flows. At my 2 year anniversary, I thought I might be saying goodbye to the blogging world. But alas, here I am…still. 
Boredom you might say? Have I run out of content to post? Lack of ideas? 
Maybe a name change will spruce things up? Should I take a more focused direction?
I need your input here, faithful readers! For once, I’m actually asking for your input on my relationship. My blogging relationship, please. Not my actual, real life, totally stable and amazing human relationship.

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