monday musings.

1. I spent the majority of the weekend on the couch in between intense workouts. C was swamped with work so I caught up on some quality TV time. What else are the weekends for?

2. On a routine trip to Target for body wash, I ended up leaving $60 poorer and the proud new owner of a scale. Yea. About that. Not entirely sure what kind of relationship we’re going to have.

3. There is this really nifty thermostat called Nest that learns your patterns and adjusts the heating/cooling as necessary. It’s supposed to help save money on energy. Obviously, we need one.

4. I’m almost done with the Fifty Shades series and I’m getting to that point. I’m getting that anxious feeling in my stomach where I’m about to finish a book and I have no idea what to read next. Choosing a book is such a process for me. I have a few good recommendations in the queue…Gone Girl, Seating Arrangements and The Art of Fielding. Have you read any of them? Thoughts?

5. I have the patience level of a five year old but the memory of an elephant. Once something gets in my head, I can’t leave it alone until it’s resolved. More to come on this. Stay tuned.

6. I apologize for all the cryptic musings lately. I’m working on my patience….

7. Thought of the day…

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