{triathlon training} week 4

This week training felt pretty low key. Having Wednesday off was a nice treat and I fully enjoyed it by eating pizza at youth group with my sweet girls. The afternoons are getting hot, hot, hot! So I might have to start adjusting my schedule to work out in the mornings. For the month of May, we have more brick workouts (back to back sets like biking then running). I’m looking forward to learning more about triathlon strategy, nutrition and what to expect in my first race.

As of today, 30 days to race day!

Monday - 30 min weights — I don’t know that I’m getting any stronger but I’m completing the workout.

Tuesday - Group Swim — So the swim’s are getting increasingly better. Not to mention, the pool was significantly warmer and therefore made for a much more bearable workout. We swam a continuous 300 yards and while it was tough, I was able to complete it. I think I need to do more than just the weekly swims if I’m going to be strong enough to complete 500 meters…in open water…with no pool wall to hang on to.

Wednesday - OFF!

Thursday - Group Track — For the 30 minutes I was able to attend (due to a very important celebratory dinner for a friend), track actually felt good this week. I was definitely feeling more encouraged after last weeks disastrous track workout. But man it is HOT out there with the direct sun just baking off the track. 93 degrees in early May pretty much sucks.

Friday - 30 min bike followed by 15 min run — Looking forward to getting this in tonight!

Saturday - Group Bike

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