monday musings.

1. What the HECK was going on last night in Mad Men? I really want to know what’s going on with that elevator…

2. We saw Avengers and it was great! Long but great. It’s Robert Downey Jr. and Liam Helmsworth…I mean, come on.

3. We celebrated my sweet friend, Keelie, at her bridal shower this weekend. We ate delish food, Skittle sangria and yummmmmy lemon cake. Sugar. High.

4. We even made time for a little training this weekend…a bike ride around the lake on Saturday and a swim at the SMU pool on sunday.

5. I brewed a batch of this iced coffee concentrate last night. Have you ever watched the Pioneer Woman? Sadly, I don’t get to watch very many episodes since I no longer have cable. She’s great though. I plan on adding some sweetened condensed milk to mine, just as she suggested. Mmmmmm in my belly.
(picture courtesy of Pioneer Woman)

6. Short week since we’re headed to UMASS on Friday for the little sister’s graduation! It’s going to be an eclectic group of people but I’m so glad we get to celebrate Margaux.

7. Lots of moving and shaking happening around here - Friday night we celebrated the move-out of Kellyn and Samantha who’ve lived in their apartment for 4 years now! A few friends are headed to DC to explore new jobs and lots of other friends are moving on to new apartments. My living situation come June 16th is still undecided.

8. SHOCKER alert but my small group is actually reading the bible. We’re tackling Paul’s Prison letters. I’m excited to chat about Ephesians tomorrow morning.

9. Coconut Milk yogurt. Purchased. The chocolate variety of course.

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