the third trimester

Today is the twins due date! So here's a little look back on my third trimester.

It seemed like everything changed the minute I woke up on the first day of my 3rd trimester. Basically, the blissful 2nd trimester was long gone and everything, literally everything was infinitely harder. Walking was harder. Getting out of bed was harder. Getting dressed was harder. Overnight, everything just got SO difficult.

Just after a great prenatal massage. Little did I know this would be my last "belly pic". 

I hate for this to sound whiny or ungrateful but being pregnant with twins is NO joke. At 32 weeks I was already measuring 40 weeks and by the end I had gained about 42 lbs.

I should have celebrated my last full night of sleep because during the third trimester I was up to pee every 90 minutes.

I was SO swollen. I mean I knew pregnant women experience swelling but this was a new level. I could basically only wear sneakers because none of my shoes fit.

At 28 weeks we spent 36 hours in the hospital for pre-term labor. That was not fun. The only upside was getting the inside scoop on what it would be like when we eventually delivered. Good news, the hospital food was actually pretty good!

Everyone would ask me if I was hungry all the time but it was the opposite for me. My stomach had NO room with those babies taking up all the space so I could basically only eat a few bites of food. Sometimes a big glass of water would fill me up.

For pretty much the whole time, Baby A (Reese) was head down super low which was of course so comfy (not!). Baby B (Rowan) was head up sitting on Reese's face and jamming his head into my ribs. Cool!

Because my pregnancy was considered high risk, I started having 2 doctors appointments each week - one with my OB and another for non-stress testing.

At 32 weeks, we decided to plan a last minute getaway to Napa to stay at our favorite inn. We obviously had no idea the twins would come the following weekend. It was such a nice trip and yes, I did taste some wine! We ate at the BEST Italian restaurant...ever. I can't wait to go back when I can actually eat more than 2 bites of food.

I'm horrifed by this photo. Do you see those ankle rolls!?

I feel a little guilty looking back because I complained a lot about wanting to be done being pregnant. We scheduled a c-section for December 6th because of the babies positions so I knew I wouldn't go longer than 38 weeks (their due date was 12/20). But at 32 weeks I was already SO over it. I was sick of being so massive, sick of people staring, sick of the questions, sick of being so uncomfortable. I'm obviously incredibly glad the twins arrived healthy and only needed a short NICU stay but I probably should have tried to "cook" them a little longer.

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