the second trimester

the bump. the pup. the grand canyon.

I've been using these Promptly journals to keep track of notes that I'll give to the twins one day and I realized that I didn't have a whole lot to write for the second trimester. We were SO busy during this period that it's honestly a bit of a blur.

  • We packed up our place in Charlottesville and moved across the country.
  • We set up shop in an Airbnb in San Francisco while feverishly searching for an apartment. 
  • We found an apartment and signed a lease. 
  • We fought with our movers to get our stuff delivered before Christmas. 
  • We unpacked an entire apartment.
  • We flew back to Connecticut.
  • We survived the heat wave in SF.
  • We flew back to Charlottesville
  • We purchased living furniture. 
  • We had ultrasounds and doctor's appointments.
  • I flew to Austin for work. 
  • We hired someone to build some Ikea furniture for the twins room. 
  • We tried to make friends.
  • We explored our new neighborhood.
...Oh and we worked 40+ hours/week while doing all this. Luckily, I felt good during this time and was mostly able to keep up with our insane schedule. I had a few emotional days especially when we were unpacking and just doing normal tasks became somewhat challenging. It's pretty frustrating to not be in control of what's happening to your body and I was annoyed that I had to ask Craig for help all the time.

Largely, the second trimester was uneventful from a pregnancy standpoint. I'm thankful that I was able to get so much accomplished and that I mostly felt good. We picked up the stroller and carseats as well as set up the twins room a bit and that definitely made it feel super real. We also got a surprise 4D ultrasound which was so freaky but also really cool. Seeing their faces like that made them seem less like little aliens in there.

Baby A - Girl

Baby B - Boy

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