day 3: flagstaff, AZ

655 miles.

With our sights set on setting the Grand Canyon the next day, we thought Flagstaff would be a good stopping point.

We finished driving through CO and then into New Mexico. We reached Sante Fe, NM around lunch time and made a detour for a real meal (meaning not a drive thru). We stumbled upon this gem and thoroughly enjoyed some New Mexican fare. Haven loved that we were able to find a spot with a great patio for her to enjoy.

We then finished our trek through New Mexico and into Arizona. This was an uneventful day overall but the scenery was definitely beautiful.

After a couple long days, I was feeling good. There's been enough to see and do along the way and no one has been complaining about our frequent stops.

We checked into our fancy-schmancy LaQuinta around 7pm and hit the hay. Grand Canyon in the morning!

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