september beauty favorites.

Technically, it's not September anymore, but technically, who cares. Here's the stuff I've been loving this month...surprise surprise, more Bobbi Brown and more Origins! 

Do these photos look familiar? I snapped these this evening while we had a bit of that dusk light left. Working full-time is definitely taking my attention away from this space but I'm doing my best to keep things going around here. 

Origins >>> I'm really loving this highly coveted Checks & Balances face wash. It lathers up really nicely and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean. I like that it's intended to help balance out your skin's PH which I learned a lot about from my friend Casey. 
The Out Of Trouble face mask is new to my arsenal. I like it even better than the Charcoal mask. It definitely helps my oily skin feel less slick. I seriously want to use it every day. Now onto this moisturizer which I thought was a total gimmick at first. 
The GinZing energy-boosting moisturizer is supposed to make your skin more awake. I love that it's oil-free and that it's very light. It doesn't leave my skin sticky and layers nicely under my tinted moisturizer.

Bobbi Brown >>> I've always loved her line and I don't know why I every try to sway from it. I've tried every type of tinted moisturizer and BB cream out there and I'm finally back to the original, the first one I tried and loved (I wear Extra Light). It's oil-free and super light with the perfect amount of coverage. It honestly doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup at all and gives me a great even palette. I don't know why I ever tried to replace it. 
I recently picked up a Shimmer Brick in Beige also from BB. This is my first foray into the coveted shimmer brick and I'm really liking it. It's very sheer and adds the perfect amount of highlighting. I like that it does double duty as eye shadow. It's also impossible to photograph this check out the color online. It's a splurge for sure but at least it has two uses. 
I'm posting about another Bobbi lipstick because she just knows how to make a great neutral. This color is called Bare Pink and is a little more of a nude color with less pink tones on me. I love it for work and "everyday".

Arrojo Protective Thickening Lotion >>> When I cut off my hair two weeks ago, my stylist recommended a few products by this brand. This thickening lotion is one of my favorites. It's made for people with fine hair who want heat protection without weighing down hair. I definitely think it gives my hair more umph and more styling power. I like that I'm also protecting my hair from styling tools and elements. I'll be honest here...I don't love how any of the Arrojo products smell. Maybe because they are made by a dude? I desperately wanted my stylist to recommend Moroccan Oil products because they smell insanely good. Luckily, the smell doesn't stick around very long so it only bothers me when I first spray it. It's not unpleasant, just kinda manly smelling. 

Dior Nail Glow >>> You guys already know that I'm obsessed with the Dior Lip Glow which works like a charm, makes my lips feel amazing, and give my this great pink glow. When they launched the Nail Glow, you couldn't get it anywhere. I was also skeptical of spending $24 on a nail product. But, I paint my nails all the time and the french manicure is something I've yet to master. My thoughts? I like it! I definitely get a very polished look with whiter whites and pinker nail beds. It's great for that quick "oh shoot I need something on my nails" moment. 

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