favorite fall finds.

Ok can we talk about fall for a second? This is our first fall back on the east coast. I am LOVING it. Granted, it's been pretty mild so far but I'm just loving sweaters, boots, jackets and scarves. Now can we talk about fashion for a sec? This is not a fashion blog and I can promise you that you'll never see outfit posts. That being said, I really need you guys to know about a few amazing fall finds. I'm not one to keep something I love to myself so I must share these amazing fall staples with you. 

The jacket is a total Barbour rip off and you know what...I'm ok with that. I've had my eye on those jackets for a long time because I think they have a classic, timeless look. I love that this one comes with the removable fleecy vest and a lower price tag. I'm also really digging the corduroy elbow patches. Even better, they have a 15% "student" discount.

The elbow patch sweater is all but sold out but I'm sure JCrew will be making more. I scored the camel colored one during JCrew's 25% off sweater sale and got an additional 15% off for being a student married to a student. Score! Can you tell I currently have a thing elbow patches? 

The sweater dress was a STEAL from the JCrew outlet. I only paid like $30...way less than what it's listed for online. Tip: Always hit up the outlet store first because, in my experience, the store always has better deals than the online factory store. 

Ok now I cannot take full credit for these booties. I got the rec from a work friend. Here's a spoiler for you...they are from...TARGET! I know, nuts. Also, they come in black. Also, I bought both colors because I couldn't decide. $30. Go get them now. 

In fact, I wore the sweater dress and tan booties to work today and loved the look. I think I'm getting on the bootie train (hmm, doesn't quite sound right....)

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