monday musings.

>> Oh my gosh!! My first day was so amazing! I'm wiped out for sure but I love everyone I met, I love the work I'm going to be doing, and I love that I'm working for such an awesome organization! This week is Spirit Week which meant that today was Twin Day! My coworker, Morgan and I, dressed at Twins! 

>> I was THAT person standing in line at the AT&T store at 7am on Friday morning so that I could get my hands on two new iPhones for me and C. We were both making the jump from a 4 and a 4s so this was exciting stuff. The store opened at 8am and there were probably 15 people in front of me. I was in and out of the store before 9am. Overall, pretty painless!

>> If you're following me on Instagram, you already know that I chopped off my hair over the weekend! I've been lusting over the long bob since August but forced myself to hold out until Fall. Finally, I just couldn't take it and took the plunge. Last time I did this, I swore I would never do it again. HA! Oh well...and just when I thought I got the hang of using the curling wand...

>> I LOVED my stylist at JoBella in New Haven. She really understood me. I'm also really digging the products she recommended to me (this, this and this) to help me style my new do on my own. Listen to your stylist, people, and ask questions! It's really helpful to get their tips when you're learning how to do your hair on your own at home.

>> So other than new iPhones and a haircut, our weekend was pretty low key. There was football watching, coffee drinking, lots of walking, lots of eating, lots of couch lounging.

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