thimble islands

Growing up in Westport, CT meant that I lived in a bubble. We rarely ventured beyond the city limits unless we were going to Greenwich to do some extensive shopping. I honestly had no idea what the eastern coast of Connecticut had to offer. Now that we're living in New Haven, we're making a point to explore the other coastal Connecticut cities.

After a lazy morning of pancakes and french press coffee, we headed out to our first stop on this Connecticut coastline tour. Our destination, the Thimble Islands. We took the "scenic route" out there which just meant we avoided I-95 at all costs. C loves going for a drive, so we rolled down the windows and took in the amazing weather and scenery.

We took this cruise and soaked up some sun while exploring the Long Island Sound. It was a great afternoon and a perfect date! The houses are so cool and it's fun to imagine what life would be like living on one of these teeny, tiny islands.

excuse the photo quality, the photos are taken with my iPhone

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