monday musings.

>> Let's talk about the VMAs for a second. First of all, who still watches music videos? Second, what is/was the point of music videos in the first place? But more importantly, holy. justin. timberlake. That was everything. I die. The entire 30 minute mash-up of all my favorite JT songs was amazing but I was so anxious to see N*SYNC. Seriously, best ever. I promptly turned the VMAs off after that. I just couldn't. I have since been inspired to play Justin Timberlake throwbacks all day long.

>> I'm still really digging Barre3 online workouts. The hardest part is choosing which workout to do! I can definitely feel the burn though so I do think they are working. It's so nice to do it whenever I want from home.

>> We're thinking about testing out the Hotel Tonight app to book a place to stay for Labor Day. We're hoping to go to Newport and NYC or some place close but everything is SO booked. Hopefully this app will be our ticket to a romantic weekend getaway! 

>> I can't wait to share my post about our boat cruise around the Thimble Islands. We had such a great time exploring the little town and oogling at the insane houses on these tiny islands. Great date day.

>> I've dialed in the best smoothie combo ever. And, I'm willing to share. It consists of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chocolate protein powder, frozen banana, peanut butter, frozen blueberries and some spinach. Honestly, it's awesome.

>> I'm going back to Dallas in just two weeks and I'm PUMPED to see my sweet friends get married. I'm also planning to make a stop at DryBar, Blue Goose and Northpark. There's a chance I'll make an appearance at tailgate too. My cowboy boots are feeling lonely.

>> I'm planning on making a double batch of these bad boys for a little get together tonight for the Yale Partner's club.

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  1. So funny--we are in the process of rolling out Hotel Tonight as an account! It seems like a cool model and NYC is the market we are going to beta with, so maybe you will see one of our properties on the app! Hope you enjoy your Labor Day getaway and super excited to see you NEXT week! xo


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