DIY // repurposing an old window

Shortly after C and I arrived in New Haven, we checked out this amazing salvage store. It's such a bizarre place with sinks, hardwood floors, marble tiles, and of course, old windows. I immediately knew I had to have one to hang in our new place.

I scooped up this window for $5, a steal! This one was in great condition which meant I really didn't have to do much. 

I cleaned it up and installed some little hooks on the back so that I could hang it on our wall. I chose to hang the "nicer" side facing out primarily because I didn't want the window to look too rough. I also sanded the frame down a little bit to get some dirt, stairs and impurities off. I wanted to try to sand most of the white paint off in spots but I just didn't have the energy.

When I brought the window inside, I realized it blended in with the wall. The window frame was basically the same color as the paint on our walls. So I set out to find some paint to give the window a new look and make it stand out more. I picked up to many paint chips ranging from grey, to orange, to blue and finally brown. I decided to keep the window "natural" looking meaning that the color I chose seemed like a color the window might have been painted in a regular home. Tip: Lowe's sells 8oz paint samples for $3!! That's a steal. I obviously didn't use very much of this at all but I'm sure I'll find another purpose for it eventually.

I was so happy with the final product and it looks great hanging in our kitchen hallway! It's perfect for little notes, to-dos, dates etc. 

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