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I love reading on the beach. But I'm easily distracted so I need something that's easy to pick up and put down.

I downloaded this book just before we left for our honeymoon and ended up finishing it in record time. 

The story is set in Nantucket, where my awesome sister works and lives! The characters are funny and relatable, but slightly predictable. I didn't mind that though. Sometimes it's just nice to zone out when I read. The book was also easy to read while simultaneously people watching at the pool. I enjoyed Elin's writing style and I would definitely consider reading another one of her books. She has a whole selection of "summer reads" to choose from so I would recommend picking up one of her books as the summer winds down. My guess it that they all have a similar flow and style to them but they won't disappoint.

PS. Totally unrelated but I just did my first Barre3 workout, just a quick 30 minute one, and my whole body is burning. So intense. I love it.

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