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I'm sure you saw me tweeting and blowing up the social media world with my referral code for StitchFix. I'm all about testing out new subscription services and from what I've seen from other bloggers, this one looked promising!

After a few weeks, I was off the wait list and my first "fix" was in the mail.

Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out a style profile that is very detailed to help you stylists pick the perfect pieces for you. Don't be afraid to share pinterest boards! 
  2. Schedule your first "fix" for $20. That $20 goes towards any of the 5 items in your fix! 
  3. Receive your hand-picked goodies, try them on at home with your favorites pumps, belt and accessories. Log into you account online and checkout for the items you're keeping. (Bonus: you get 20% off if you keep all 5!). 
  4. Send back everything else and schedule another "fix". 

When I opened the package, I was super excited to see colors and patterns that I loved! I pulled all the items out but was way too sore/exhausted from the half to try anything on.

I was anxious to get home from work on Monday to take a good look at all the items.

I apparently have zero "selfie pic" taking skills. Please excuse the fact that these pictures are beyond hilarious. You've been warned.

The first item I ruled out pretty quickly were some great Kensie black skinny jeans. They were a tiny bit snug (but probably would have stretched). I didn't pick them because I already own a very similar pair and I couldn't justify the $88 price tag.

The next piece I tried on, I thought I would love. I loved the coral and navy colors and I don't have a top like it. Unfortunately, the way the sleeves were cut, it made my shoulders look sorta broad. I tried it on twice and almost kept it in the end but for $68, I just wasn't sold. How hilarious is this picture...After this point, I realized that I was not capable of the "selfie" pic and resolved to just shooting the item. How boring. 

The next item again had promise. I don't have a top like it but I think I know why now. The silky, flowy, billowy tops just don't work on me. I don't fill them out right and it ends up looking like a sack. The black was also pretty boring. $55

When I pulled this dress out of the box, I was pumped. I thought it would be great for work but also for play with some cute boots. However, it did nothing for me when I put it on. The back was very sheer and the way the skirt part laid on my just looked odd. The pattern was a little old-fashioned looking for me. $55

This was the last item I pulled out of the box and also the item I thought wouldn't fit, even though I did like it. Surprisingly, it fit (mostly) great. It's a little roomy on top, but I'm used to that. I can easily have that part taken in. Otherwise, it fit really nicely. I liked the color on me and added a nude belt and nude pumps to see what it would look like for "going-out". This ended up being the "winner" item and it only cost me $13 because I used my $20 fix fee plus a $25 credit ($58 total). I wish I could have snapped a better picture of me in the dress with heels and such but I'm working on training my personal photographer (aka C). 

I think I'll definitely schedule another "fix" in the future. It would be a great service for a special occasion or trip (like our honeymoon!) because you could be very specific in your stylist notes about what you're looking for. Overall, I think my stylist picked items that I wouldn't have normally tried on but were definitely my style. I think that's the point of the service - getting you to try on stuff that you wouldn't normally pick up. I liked being able to grab shoes and accessories to try on with the items. I probably wouldn't have purchased the blue dress from a store because I liked it so much more with my own belt and shoes. Great job StichFix! I can't wait for my next one! 

I was not compensated for this post, I just like great ideas! If you sign up with my link though, I'll get $25 in credit! Help a sister out!

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