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I love to read. I have a Nook and it has a permanent home in my purse. I love having it with me so that I can keep myself busy while waiting on a doctor's appointment, at the car shop, waiting for a movie to start, you get the point. 

When I moved, I sold almost all of my books (except my beloved Harry Potter hardcovers) to Half Price Books. I'd already read all of them and they were honestly just taking up space. I love a good, well-filled bookshelf, as much as the next girl but there's nothing I hate more than packing and unpacking boxes of books. 

However, there are some books that are better read on old-fashioned paper. These books might have recipes, pictures, great quotes and other things that I'm likely to refer back to. For this reason, I tend to prefer the paper version so that I can have the book on hand (lest I have something to decorate those bookshelves with!). 

There are a few books on my reading list that fall into the "must get my hands on the paper version" category. 

These books all have a similar premise - they offer up a personal story/experience wrapped around great recipes and inspiration. I can't wait to spend some of my time off in May poolside with my nose buried in these books. I tend to favor a quick read, fiction book so it's always nice to slow down and really dive into a book that makes you read a little slower and think a little harder. So far, each of these books has received wonderful reviews and feedback. Jenna Weber writes the most amazing blog titled Eat, Live, Run. I feel like we're best friends from her adorable "virtual coffee date" series. Daphne Oz is the daughter of the infamous Dr. Oz made popular by Oprah, so we know her book has to be filled with tons of great stuff. The other two books have been widely publicized in the blogger world so I'm excited to see what all the buzz is about. 

What are you reading these days?

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  1. I wish they had Kindles when I was younger! Much less awkward than carrying a hardback in your purse. My mom even made fun of me for pulling mine out in long lines at the mall :)


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