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I was recently chatting with her friend about the frustration of connecting with her boyfriend while he was away in Spain on business. The internet was spotty and he was very busy so they weren't able to talk very much over Skype.

I asked her if they emailed much. She said sometimes but not much. Our conversation made me think about being in away in Costa Rica on a mission trip just a week after C and I met. We relied on email to stay in touch and keep each other informed. I saved those emails. I actually cherish those emails.

C and I were able to put into words our feelings for each other, something that often doesn't happen when you're first dating someone. The distance, the time change, the spotty internet, caused us to rely on sweet messages during our time apart.

I remember getting so giddy seeing his name in my inbox. Sometimes our emails were trivial but they always seemed to end with a comment on our new budding relationship.

From our third date to the Nasher Sculpture Center

C is a man of few words. He's excellent at picking out cards that say just the right thing, leaving room for just "Love, C" at the end. While I do appreciate the time, effort and thought that goes into him picking out cards for me, his raw, real and unguarded words are so very sweet. A card is typically given for an occasion. These emails weren't celebrating a holiday, but they were celebrating the start of a very exciting and fulfilling relationship.

I read back through those emails recently (of course I saved them!) and they made me giddy all over again. C's words were so genuine and open, something that often doesn't happen because we see each other everyday and are in constant communication.

Whether it's an email, letter, or card, the personal words of a loved one have a huge impact on us. I feel so loved when C picks out the most perfect card for an occasion but the icing on the cake is a sweet, handwritten note for no reason. I will always cherish those fleeting moments and that is what makes them special. Stepping out of the routine. Going beyond the normal "I love you". Adding a little extra to the day.

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