monday musings.

1. Spent some times volunteering at the zoo this weekend for my Junior League placement. I'm looking forward to affiliating with the New Haven chapter when we move.

2. It was 40 degrees with 35mph winds for my half marathon on Sunday. But in the end, I managed to PR and have a great time. Check back for my race report!

3. I had the pleasure of making these precious cupcakes for a very special 2 year-old. Just call me Martha and yes, I'm taking orders. (More on this to come!)

4. My skin is definitely looking better and better each day. I'll admit, I cheated with the dairy a little bit (I mean, come on, chocolate milk is the BEST recovery fuel and who can say no to pizza...?) but I'm still limited my intake for the most part.

5. I received my first StitchFix this weekend and can't wait to get home from work to try everything on! (I was way too sore last night...)

6. I also received my first Julep Maven box. I already knew what would be in it so it's not a super fun surprise but I'll let you know how the polish holds up when I try it.

7. Glad this is a short week and that the temps are supposed to heat up here in Dallas. I got re-fit on my bike and I'm looking forward to riding a bit this weekend.

8. Mad Men returns next week and I'm so ready. I need something fill the void since Downton Abbey broke my heart.

9. I'm really looking forward to our trip to CT in April and hoping we find a place to live. I would love to cross that off the to-do list.

10. Invitations are ordered! This wedding is happening! 110 days!

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