monday musings.

1. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and even the beginning of last week. It wasn't until Thursday that I managed to organize the goodies from the bridal shower and make a dent in the mountain of laundry piled up in the closet.

2. I'm overhauling my skincare routine because I need this face to be "wedding ready". I'm excited to share my new routine with you soon! Hint: It involves a Clarisonic!

3. I'm also trying to get my butt back into gear for this race...but also for my overall health. Ugh the winter is such a drag! I've added this arm routine twice a week to get my limbs looking a little more toned for the big day. Maybe I should carry a weighted bouquet...?

4. It is overkill that I enter pretty much EVERY wedding related giveaway I see online? I mean, you can't win if you don't enter, right?

5. The bridesmaids are ordering their dresses and the groomsmen have ordered their suits! It's happening!

6. Despite the freezing temps Saturday AM, we managed to get out butts out to the lake for a run with the team. Workouts are so much better when you know you have people waiting on you.
C's first time at The Pearl Cup and my first traditional macchiato 
7. Saturday did eventually warm up slightly and we made it out to Ford Stadium at SMU to watch Duke play Georgetown in the Lacrosse Patriot Cup.

8. We met from friends at Rise for dinner on Saturday night. That place is such a gimmick and the souffles just aren't that good.

9. I finally caved and won this new SLR lens on Ebay (for a steal!). SO EXCITED!! I hear this is THE lens you need for great low light pictures and I'm so pumped to test out food pics for the blog!

10. I scored this Lululemon jacket this weekend for a STEAL!

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