in which I sign up for a triathlon, whoa.

I did something crazy. It might be a bad idea. I might not be able to accomplish it. I’m scared, nervous, excited, overwhelmed…but encouraged. I know that I have lots of people to support me…I think. With their help, I hope I can do it.

I did it. I registered for a Sprint Triathlon. Well, I registered for the training program. Did you get that? A triathlon. 500m swim. Oh and then just a 12 mile bike…and wait, yes, a 5k. Individually, I’m confident that I could complete all those things. String them together…that’s a whole other story. On April 9th training with Playtri’s Group Training Program starts. I’ll have some kind of workout 6 days a week…usually 2-3 coached workouts a week. They are promising success…but they haven’t seen me run yet.

Everybody has goals. They aren’t supposed to be easy. For once, just once, I would actually like to finish something I start. I have a great network of encouraging friends (and a supportive boyfriend) who have been in my position at some point. I just need to finish the race. That’s it. Cross the line and try not to die. That’s going to be a pretty sweet feeling. Even better, both C and his dad will be participating in this triathlon on June 3rd! So fun! Hopefully we’ll all get a little time to watch each other in action.

And so, training begins. 10 weeks of discipline. Eating right. Drinking water. Building endurance. Perfecting my freestyle. Climbing hills on my bike. Finding strength for the run (the hardest part in my opinion). Making friends. Getting in shape. Accomplishing a goal. Crossing the 1st item off my bucket list.

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