"You find yourself believing that you are too busy for a good, early morning breakfast. Suddenly, that halfway-through-the-day feeling takes over you and you begin to feel cranky, exhausted, and heavy-eyed; soon you discover that your attempt to save time in the morning backfired, and you are miserable.
Your mornings are beautiful, peaceful, and full of high hopes. Starting your day with the Lord is the whip cream on your pancakes, the cheese to your omelette, the creamer in your coffee. Without that wonderful prayer and moment with God in the a.m, your day will feel full of emptiness. 
So, eat your bowl of wheaties and read your favorite verse(s) in the bible. Because without that rejuvenating time, you’re going to have that half-way-through-the-day feeling. 
Have a wonderful, blessed, delicious morning."

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