the {obligatory} new year's resolutions post.

How many times have you made this list? In your planner, on a sticky note, on your blog, on your hand, on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge…and how many of those so called “resolutions” have you kept up with?

If we’re being honest here, for me, the answer is zero. I guarantee you I’ve made numerous resolutions for the new year in my head, on paper, on my blog…wherever. Then I go back and read them six months later and laugh. What was I thinking? Eat better? Spend less? Run more?

Yea…not happening. So what is this non-resolution-keeping, failed-goal-setting, under-achiever supposed to do? Try, try again.

So here goes nothing:

1. Make meals to freeze on the weekends so that I’ll have something decent to eat during the week. This is helping me come up with ideas.

2. Get back on track with church. Apparently, I’ve decided that because I go to Small Group on Wednesday mornings and lead my sophomore girls Small Group at WOW on Wednesday nights that I can forgo the weekly Sunday church service. Let’s get this back on track.

3. Train for something. Generic and vague, I know. But I’m looking for inspiration. Currently, C and I have been looking at road bikes with the hopes that I might sign up for this in June. Feel free to come out and watch….and laugh. I’m also excited for this in Feb.

4. Travel more. Plan trips. Explore new cities. Take a buddy with me. (Disclaimer: This resolution is contingent upon me getting a bigger paycheck.)

What sort of resolutions are you trying to accomplish in 2012?

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