monday musings.

1. Well, the holidays came and went so fast…it is all quite a blur.

2. The only beverages I seem to consume during the holidays are coffee, wine, beer and occasionally water.

3. I always forget to start writing the new year when I have to date things. I use a lot of white out in January and February while I’m getting the hang of it. (Do people still use white out? Or pen and paper for that matter…?)

4. NYC at Christmas. Just wow. It’s a magical place.

5. When you’re in NYC, you must eat here. Awesome atmosphere, great food, superb drinks…and affordable (in NYC terms).

6. Did you laugh when you read yesterday’s post about my new year’s resolutions? Cause I just read it again…and I’m laughing. At myself.

7. I just got these new glasses and I just love them. I think I might even love the price more.

8. I color coded my email labels in my GMail. Now my email looks so colorful and exciting!…It’s the little things in life.

Christmas in NYC
Merry Christmas Eve! (Taken with instagram)
This is what Christmas is all about (Taken with instagram)Sisters - heading off to 11pm church after our pasta dinner (Taken with instagram)

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