in which we celebrate thanksgiving and eat crabs

I spent Thanksgiving with C’s family in his hometown of Baltimore, MD. We headed out to the airport at 5am Wednesday morning to catch our 8am flight. We were anticipating mass chaos but found the security lines empty. Needless to say, we had a good hour and a half to kill at our gate…

Let’s not sit here and pretend I wasn’t a little bit nervous to meet C’s family and all his closest childhood friends. We all know this could have been a deal-breaker if I blew it. I’ll have you all know that I believe I passed with flying colors. Is it possible for a guy’s family to like you more than their own son?

The whole trip was very relaxed. We slept in until at least 10am every morning, ate lots of great food, hiked in the woods with their dog - Kira, ate sushi with C’s best friends, ate ribs with them too…visited the DC Zoo, and trolled the shops in Georgetown.

The icing on the cake had to be our crab dinner “send-off” on Sunday night. I’m pretty sure I provided the majority of the entrainment that night as C patiently taught me how to dissect my crab and consume all of the deliciousness inside. It really is interactive eating. So, in case any of my faithful readers find themselves on a first date at the “swankiest” crab joint in town, I’ve provided guided instructions on how to eat a crab. It’s fun and messy and only a little bit gross, but the end result is totally worth it.

(Disclaimer: My hands were much too dirty for step by step instructions so I hope I can explain this process well enough with my words…)

  • Choose your victim.
  • Methodically remove your legs and claws. (Save the claws to crack open at the end).
  • Flip your crab over onto it’s top. Use your knife to pry up the center bone piece thing (yes, this is the technical term). Pull it off.
  • Slide your knife under the top part of the shell and pry off.
  • Scrape off lungs and inner guts, mustard…yucky stuff (more technical terms).
  • Half and then quarter the body cavity area.
  • Devour. Yum!
  • You can then follow this up by gently cracking open your claws and eating the meat out of there as well.
In case you’re more of a visual learner, I’ve included an article with pictorial instructions.

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