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I’ve been preparing my Christmas Wishlist on Pinterest and a friend asked my why I was “wishing” for several different perfumes. I really like to have different scents. I’ve never been one of those girls with a signature scent. In fact, I’m always asking friends (and strangers for that matter) what perfume they are wearing when I smell something I like.

In fact, there is one particular scent which has proven to be quite elusive. It’s a scent that C. is particularly fond of. He would smell it on some girl in a bar and then we would spend the rest of the night trying to track her down so I could ask her what perfume she was wearing. Finally, while out with friends at Saint Ann on Saturday night, C. got a whiff of this “magical” scent. It just so happened that the girl was sitting at the table next to us. So when C. went to get drink re-fills, I slyly asked for the name of her perfume. Mystery solved! She was wearing Michael Kors and even had the bottle with her so that I could confirm with C. that this was indeed the favored scent.

And so, the weekend ended with a trip to Sephora to track down the perfume and add it to my collection. Sephora has a really great collection of some widely popular scents that come in a rollerball form. You get about 0.2-0.3oz of perfume in an adorable, portable rollerball! They usually cost $15-$25 and are the PERFECT way to try out a new scent without committing to a whole bottle. Needless to say, I picked up the infamous Michael Kors rollerball which actually came with MK on one end and Very Hollywood on the other. I also picked out Stella by Stella McCartney which I can already tell is going to become a favorite with Craig.

Here is the complete list of the perfume collection I’ve stared. PS. Never turn down or throw out a fragrance sample - you never know if it will become your new favorite scent.

1.Marc Jacobs Daisy 2.Chanel Chance 3.Kate Spade Twirl 4.Stella McCartney Stella 5.Boyfriend 6.Michael Kors 7.Marc Jacobs Lola 8.Very Hollywood

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