this changes everything...

My church has been doing a sermon series with the following theme:
Ever had something happen in your life that completely changed everything about your life? Maybe a phone call, an accident, a chance meeting, a discovery? Whatever it was, after "it" happened, nothing in your life was ever the same. Jesus was the catalyst for that type of change for the people he encountered. Sometimes it was a chance encounter with him on the street. And sometimes it was something he did for all the public to see. Regardless, those who encountered Christ usually walked away saying, "This Changes Everything".
There have been a few times in my life when I thought "wow, this changes everything..." - graduating high school, moving away to college, graduating college, etc. Lately, there hasn't been any huge, life changing events happen until this weekend. The management company of the lovely, over-sized townhouse we live in just raised the rent...$500 so it would now cost us over $1000 each. INSANE and totally unacceptable. Long story short, we're all moving and not together. This is where the "this changes everything" part comes in. One of my roommates is taking a huge leap of faith and possibly moving in with her boyfriend and my other roommate is branching out on her own to live by herself for the first time ever! Now you're thinking "And where the heck do you think you're going to live, missy?"

Two options here: live by myself is a super trendy loft/studio for cheap OR find a house in Lakewood and live with a few friends.

So what are the pros and cons? How far away from Uptown do I venture before I get lonely and stranded? Am I ready to live on my own? Is it safe? If we live in a house that means sharing a bathroom I want that? How long will I be staying in Dallas? Do I want to furnish a whole new place by myself? What are my minimum requirements? Do I need an in house washer/dryer? Can I live with a couch/bed/kitchen/bathroom all in the same space? How much am I really willing to spend? Does it need to have hardwoods? Updated appliances? Close to friends? So many questions! Readers, I need your thoughts (and I want to see who the heck reads this thing...).

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