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My sister, wow, is honestly one of the coolest people I know. Mom, if you're reading this, I really mean it!! I know it's pretty hard to believe but my sister and I used to fight...bad. We are only 2 years apart so there was a lot of hair pulling, face scratching and chaos in our household. As kids, we both rode horses which caused a lot of competition between us. However, we soon branched out on our own paths and have gotten closer every year. Now, we talk almost every other day and we actually like to hang out with each other, not to mention miss each other.

  1. She's 20 years old (but she'll want me to tell you that she'll be 21 on June 29th, let the countdown begin!)
  2. She has light brown hair and brown eyes and she's taller...taller than me.
  3. She's a junior at UMASS Amherst.
  4. She's an Alpha Chi Omega.
  5. She had her appendix out in Ecuador.
  6. She speaks pretty good Spanish.
  7. She used to call me Ya-Ya when she couldn't say my name. Now she calls me San-San. Somethings never change.
  8. She loves animals especially our cats (Mikey-RIP, Maddie-RIP and Millie).
Here's a few cool things about my sister:

She was born with 11 toes. No seriously, my mom asked my Dad just after she was born "How many fingers and toes?" to which he promptly replied 11. My Dad is a serious jokester so obviously she laughed it off until she saw the little extra toe coming off her pinky toe. And no, it is no longer attached to her.

She spent her junior year of high school in Ecuador on a Rotary International exchange program. She took french in high school and didn't know ANY spanish. When she came back, she was mostly fluent!
My sister (second from the left) with her host family
She bakes cakes. Yea, I know you're thinking "Hey, I can bake a cake too!" but she bakes KICK BUTT cakes! She's made wedding cakes for our family friends, barbie cakes and even won a cake competition at her school judged by Duff Goldman from Charm City Cakes.
she likes horses
meeting Duff Goldman!
She rides horses, which basically needs no explanation for why it's cool. She rides on the team at UMASS - Amherst where she goes to school. She also plays polo - which is terrifying to watch but also a really cool sport. She played on the Yale high school team.
Yale High School Polo Team

She picked the BEST major - ever. She's a Hospitality and Hotel Management major which means she has to do mandatory internships like last summer in Hilton Head at a resort and this summer at a country club in Nantucket.
working in Hilton Head
Basically, she's all around the best sister there is. I'm so blessed that we've gotten so close over the last year and I hope only for the best for her! I love you seeeesssterrr so very much!

SMU Graduation

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