running bug

I've never been much of gym-goer, never really into exercise or yoga classes, ect. I've always been active through sports, rollerblading, bike riding but the idea of "hitting the gym" was never something I could get on board with. Now that I live in a climate that permits outside activities for pretty much 12 months of the year, I've been trying to get bitten by the "running bug". This has nothing to do with losing weight - but purely feeling the need to be in better shape.

Confession: I can barely run a 10 minute mile without feeling like I'm going to die. This is NOT a good sign for my heart.

My Nike Free+ Running shoes have that chip in them that tracks my distance and time which I love. I never really know how far I'm going. It also calculates your mile time and calories burned. I can then submit my run to my profile online and track how many runs I'm going on, distances, best times, ect. I can even map out my own runs so that I can calculate distances.

So all these snazzy things should be enough to get me outside running everyday right? No, wrong, it takes a WHOLE lot of willpower, a great new workout playlist and a cute running top to get my butt out the door. This is so lame, I know, but I just can't seem to get bit by the bug! I think it would be so much easier if I was trying to lost 5 pounds because I would have a measurable goal. I'm just trying to get myself in shape which isn't very measurable. Well I guess it is, if I can run a mile a little faster each time, then I guess I'm getting more in shape.

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