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...I'm not talking about the address of your office building or what zip code it's in or how many storeys your building has...I'm talking about prime real estate - the location of your cube/office within the building.

Offices (or in my case cubes) are considered status symbols in the working world. It is incredibly obvious where someone falls on the totem pole based on the location, size and positioning of their office.The building that I work in is, well how should we put this, discreet. You wouldn't really know that this building housed information about some pretty famous people. Once inside, you can immediately tell "who's who" based on their offices. I work one floor up from our main area and it's pretty quiet in the "penthouse" which is how we affectionately refer to this quarantined area of the office. Considering I'm a total nube, I have a pretty awesome cube. I have lots of desk space, two computer screens, two file drawers, a plant, a comfy chair, and a good half wall to tack stuff on. But other than that, it's a pretty standard cube.

There is a vacant office in the penthouse where my original mentor used to sit. Now that she's been promoted, we've been staring at that dark void for a few months now. But today, one of my team members got a "real estate promotion" and got to move in there. He used to sit in the cube behind me which is a bit nicer than mine because it has a HUGE window and some more space. It's great that he can be in that office now because the space feels a little more filled up.

So here is where I come into all of this. We have a Bloomberg Terminal up here as well, that sits at a desk around the corner from me. I'm constantly pacing back and forth to the Bloomberg all day - basically, it's like my second desk. My cube used to house the Bloomberg until I got hired. My hope is that I will get to move into the window cube and receive my first "real estate promotion" and that the Bloomberg will be moved back to my cube, which would make it much closer to me.

It's funny how your position title and salary can remain the same, and yet getting a "real estate promotion" can feel just as good.
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