life lately.

It's been a minute!

Life has been pretty nuts since the holidays and I think we're finally coming out on the other side. Craig had a ton of back to back work travel which was both good but exhausting. A week of this travel coincided with our nanny's vacation so it's fair to say that I'm spent.

We've been working hard to find out groove post holidays and post travel. We scrambled to get the kids into daycare which was no small feat. We managed squeeze into a great place and finally secured a MWF schedule - hooray! The downside is that we have to drive there but the upside is I have 8-9 solid uninterrupted hours 3x week to get. shit. done. I'm mostly working during that time but it's great to have the leeway to do laundry, make dinner, clean up, workout, etc. The kids had their first day last week and it was SO strange to be home all day without them there. But also really nice.

Speaking of work: my job is great! I'm so glad we made it work for me to go back to work part-time. I'm obsessed with my team at 33Vincent and the role is such a good fit. I like having the flexibility to get work done when I can and also have an outlet to interact with adults.

Craig's job is busy but good. He's really starting to find his groove. Though his travel has slowed down a bit, he does have a trip to Israel coming up in May.

We're still trying to figure out our plans for staying in SF for another 1-2 years or heading back to Charlottesville next summer/winter. There's pros and cons of each. We love living out here but it's certainly city life and things are expensive. Almost full-time preschool for the kids in Charlottesville costs 1/3 of what part-time preschool costs in SF. INSANE.

We booked a somewhat last minute and spontaneous trip to Maui in April and we can't wait. We so grateful that the grandparents are willing to travel to SF and spend time with the kiddos. Did I mention? It's a KID-FREE vacay! Woooo!

The twins are doing great. We just switched to one nap which is...interesting. On one hand, it's great to be able to go out and do stuff in the morning but it also means entertaining them for 5+ hours in the AM. That is a long time with little kids! Rowan is walking a bunch but still doesn't like to walk in public. Reese is getting so close to confidently walking. I'm excited for them to really be walking so we can take more advantage of all the playgrounds in SF. It's hard having crawlers especially with all this rain!

They are learning more words every day and they've gotten really good at signing which is pretty awesome. It's a lot easier to help them out when I know they are signing that they want something to eat.

That's all for now from #teamthomas!

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