our east coast adventure

Back in August, we bit the bullet and booked a three week trip on the East Coast. We planned to be in Florida with my mom for Thanksgiving and then we figured we'd do Baltimore as well and then why not just make a stop in Charlottesville.

So here's a recap of our trip!

We were originally planned to fly to Florida on the red eye right before Thanksgiving. But the air quality in SF got so bad the week before that we decided to change our ticket and fly out on Saturday night instead. I raced to prep and pack while Craig was stuck in NYC, trying desperately to get back home to us.

We took an Uber to the airport which worked out great. We planned to go to the airport pretty early and hoped that the twins would just sleep in the stroller while we were waiting for the flight. That kind of worked but not completely. Once we were on board, we were all pretty anxious to take off because I knew the white noise would put the twins to sleep immediately.

So the red eye wasn't that bad. The kids slept most of the time but I think Craig and I were pretty miserable as it's hard to sleep with a 20lb baby resting on your chest.

We landed in FL at 8am and then loaded ALL our stuff into the car for the drive to Stuart.

The first few days in Florida were hard as the twins adjusted. They were super clingy but it was nice to have all the space, extra hands, and the pool!

We had a great time swimming, walking around the neighborhood, and eating lots of yummy food. I'm glad we were able to escape the smoke in SF.

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving we flew to Charlottesville, VA. The flight was no problem and the kiddos even managed to nap. We landed around 4:30pm which is a tough time. We were all hungry and tired. A quick stop at Chick-Fil-A quickly remedied that and after a stop at the store for milk, we were on our way to our Airbnb in Charlottesville. We stayed at the cutest little house within walking distance to Downtown which worked out great. We loved visiting the Virginia Discovery Museum, visited friends, and even stole away for a few nights for dinner out and Craig's work Christmas Party.

Then it was time to drive to Baltimore. I was a little worried about the three hour drive because I assumed we'd have to stop at least once. But shockingly, the kiddos slept almost the whole ride and we made it to Baltimore in record time. It was such a treat for the twins to finally meet Grandma Louise and all of our friends.

We had a 6am flight back to SF which was the leg of the trip that worried us the most. It ended up being fine for the most part. The twins slept a few times and we just kept feeding them endless amounts of Cheerios and other snacks. We landed in SF around 9:30am and luckily had the rest of the day to adjust, unpack and settle in. It felt so good to get home to our own beds after being away for three weeks.

The trickiest part of the whole trip was the 4am wakeups we had on the returning end as the kiddos adjusted back to West Coast time. Luckily it only lasted for a few days and now we've all returned to normal.

This trip definitely made me braver to travel with the twins and I was also really impressed with how well they did. Kids are resilient and I'm glad we've been able to give them opportunities to meet so many of our friends and family.

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