five years of marriage

This month, C and I celebrated five years of marriage. While five years doesn't seem like a lot, SO much has happened in the years that we've been married.

Over the past five years:

We moved four times
C got an MBA
I had four different jobs
We traveled a lot (eight different countries!)
We got a new car
We got a puppy (hi Haven!)
We had two the same time

It's been an intense and full marriage - a whirlwind from the day we said "I do." The best part about these years is that I got to share all these moments with my best friend. 

All this transition and change can put so much strain and pressure on a relationship. I'm thankful that we've been able to tackle each hurdle with grace and humor. 

I've learned that it's possible to love someone more and more each year. 

I've learned that you need to intentionally make time for your partner and also make space. 

I've learned that there is joy in the mundane. 

I've learned that cake and coffee solve many problems. 

I've learned that sleep deprivation is the worst form of torture. 

As the years get crazier, I'm confident that this marriage we're building will get stronger and stronger. 


  1. Such a lovely posting Alessandra! Sending congratulations and much love to you and Craig!

  2. Happy Anniversary Month Cuties!


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