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Pippin Hill Vineyard
>> A whole bunch of smaller, lifestyle bloggers that I follow have recently closed their doors. Something about that has been making me feel uneasy because I, too, did the same thing around this time last year. I made the blog private and decided I didn't want so much of my life to live on the internet. I also struggle with "the need to post" but then get frustrated when I feel like I can't write a post because I've been silent for too long. Basically, I feel like the blog is stagnating and I don't know which direction to go. I either need to invest more time (try to monetize, get ads/sponsorships, post more regularly) or I feel like I need to shut it down. I'm just not sure an in between option exists. What do you think??

>> We've been having some really solid weekends really soaking up the beautiful weather and taking advantage of all things fall. We made some trips out to the country to sample wine and cider as well as spending some quality time outside with the pup.

>> I scooped up a bunch of treasures during the Sephora VIB sale and decided to deem the whole order "totally acceptable because I will just have C put all these things in my stocking". Done and done. Would you want to see a round up of what I got?

>> We have been getting much more strategic with Christmas shopping lately. We'll be out somewhere and we'll pick up a gift WAY in advance of the holiday and then soon enough, we have a whole bunch of loot stashed away in a closet saved up for Christmas gifts. It's really ideal but can become tricky when you start forgetting what you've purchased. What is the BEST holiday gift you ever gave (or received!)?

>> I made my annual batch of party mix on Saturday and it made the whole house smell like heaven. I have already eaten my weight in the stuff but calories don't count when you're eating holiday food right?

>> I'm SO excited to head to Baltimore later this week for Thanksgiving with C's family. It is always such a treat to kick back and spend some quality time with them. We also always see the friend group (and all the kiddos!) which is never boring. I'm already counting down the minutes. We're also going to have some pictures taken with the pup!

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