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>> We've been traveling a lot of work lately which has been made exponentially more difficult with the dog. Luckily, we take her to a great place for camp during the day but if someone can't pick her up by 5:30 then we have to make other arrangements. It's been stressful and exhausting but it's probably a good preview for years to come. I also got some great advice from a friend who said "you can make anything easier by throwing a little money at the problem". Which is exactly what we did and it was so worth it.

>> I'm in serious clean out mode around clothes, makeup, etc. I sold a whole bunch of gently used makeup on Glambot and made a decent amount of money considering I would have just thrown it away. I've sent in two bags to thredUP but I'm still waiting to hear what the payout will be. I'm on a serious mission to own less but higher quality. Anyone know where to get HIGH quality long-sleeve t-shirts that won't shrink?

>> I've been loving the gym that we joined shortly after moving here. It's right next to C's office which makes it super easy since we share a car. I've been particularly enjoying the Barre classes and after chatting with the Group Ex director, I decided I'd pursue becoming an instructor! Last weekend, I completed my Barre Certification and will start instructing classes at the gym soon!

>> I just got on Snapchat and I don't really get it. I like the idea of having 24 hour "stories" but how do I remember to download them after each 24 hour period?? Please someone help me!

>> You may have guessed this already but the half marathon did not happen. Instead, I ran the 5k with my mother-in-law and had a blast. It was her first ever race and she ran the whole thing! I'm so proud of her and really enjoyed getting to share that experience. C, on the other hand, killed the half and now has his sights set on 26.2!

>> C and I picked up new iPhone's this weekend and when I got home, I was testing out the new features and some things weren't working. That's when I realized they had set me up with an iPhone 6 not 6 s. They happily made the exchange in the store but without the phone in stock, they had to give me my old phone back in the meantime. #firstworldproblems

>> Haven is almost 5 months old now and she's such a great puppy. She's really doing well with her training and usually sleeps until about 6:30/7am. We hadn't been letting her on the couch until all of a sudden she figured out how to get up and it was so cute, I couldn't push her off. So Haven 1, Couch 0.

>> I normally don't talk much about work around here but I did want to mention that I accepted a role on Teach For America's national team which I'm thrilled about. I will continue working from home which is awesome and I'm really excited about staying with the organization.

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