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>> The Lively Show // Ep 85: Alisa Vitti from Flo Living
I've loved her podcast for awhile now but this episode was especially interesting. I'm already looking forward to reading Woman Code because it hits on a lot of stuff I'm wondering about right now. Basically, Alisa talks about how our hormones control and effect a lot more than we think. When we're not nurturing them, our bodies get all out of wack (aka PMS, acne, weight gain/loss, mood swings, etc). It's really eye opening.

>> Wellness Wonderland // Ep 72: Lucy Bourchier from The Brave Exchange
Katie is a really cool host and I feel like we're friends. Her interview with Lucy not only inspired me but also introduced me to another podcast host which is really exciting.

I know I'm about 5 years late to this but I'm loving this show. After being sick the last two days (and without cable), I was desperate for some quality TV. All 6 seasons are free to watch with Amazon Prime Instant--score!--so I dialed it up and breezed through about eight episodes. It's like Suits and Law & Order mixed together if I had to describe it.

>> Bradstreet Gate
Randomly picked up this book when it came in my mailbox from Blogging for books. It was entertaining I suppose but the ending was super disappointing. The characters were somewhat frustrating as well. Overall, it was just meh.

>> How to Raise the Perfect Dog
Spoiler alert: we're getting a puppy on Friday! We read/listened to this on Audible during our move and really liked it. We ended up purchasing a hard copy as well because it's a good reference book especially for first time dog owners.

>> Matthew Mayfield // Wild Eyes
I don't remember how I discovered this artist but it was awhile ago...probably 5 years ago. I listened to his old albums on repeat on Spotify and really enjoyed them. His new album, Wild Eyes, is really good and it's been on constant rotation lately. It's kind of moody but easy to listen to...he's also definitely not ugly...

>> Mumford & Sons // Wilder Mind
I thought the band broke up and was totally devastated but alas, a new album and all is well in the music world. I LOVE this album mostly because it's different but still totally sounds like them. Just love.

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