monday musings.

>> Hi. How is it March? And Daylight Savings? It's been a crazy past few weeks and I have a bunch to catch you up on. We're having a "heat wave" here in CT and it was a balmy 45 degrees yesterday. Melt snow, melt!

>> We just got back from our little spring break trip to Turks and Caicos. We spent a week at the stunning Parrot Cay by COMO which is situated on a little private island. It was such an amazing week and I feel very fortunate that we were able to take this little hiatus. Full blog post on that to come. 

>> Before we left, when it was still February, we celebrated my 27th birthday in a variety of ways including dinner at Caseus with my mom, an Oscar watching party on Sunday, and my college bff came to spend the night on Monday. It was all such a treat and the perfect way to spent a birthday, lots of little, special moments with people I really love. 

>> Lizzie and I watched The Last Five Years while she was here and concluded that it was not very good. I love anything Anna Kendrick but this just didn't work for me. I like musicals too but they literally did not speak once in the film. I also saw Wild on the plane and was not blown away by that either. Again, Reese is my girl and I really liked the book but the movie fell short for me. Last night, we watched The Theory of Everything and while I thought Eddie Redmayne was amazing, the content of the movie did not suck me in. So basically three movie flops for me... Have you seen any of these? What did you think??

>> I received my first Petit Vour box and was kind of disappointed. It's a "green beauty" sample subscription and they partner with a lot of brands I already know and love which is what excited me. But this box had TWO rose scented perfumes which were horrible. I did however like the full size mascara. We'll see what this box has to offer. 

>> I think I struck foundation gold with the Clinque Even Better foundation (I have shade Alabaster). It's a great color match, awesome coverage, but super lightweight. I'm still working on ironing out a full skincare and makeup routine for my beauty page but you can bet this will be included. 

>> We took this sunscreen along with us to the beach and it was AMAZING. The oil-based formula is not greasy at all and you don't feel like you have to dry after application. It was so hydrating for the skin which is a big plus after a day in the sun. It honestly feels amazing and is well worth the money.

>> Dani very kindly sent me one of these wraps just before our trip and I was super pumped to give it a try. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do it until Saturday afternoon and ideally you'd do it 3-4 days before your trip so that you have plenty of time to hydrate. Full disclosure: I didn't have as dramatic of results as I was hoping but I sort of knew this was going to be the case since I wasn't able to drink as much water over 72 hours. I'm definitely planning to try it again.

So tell me, what movies are you watching? Any fun trips to warmer climates for anyone? 


  1. Watch Whiplash! Intense, but good.

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