monday musings | 115

>> I decided to start numbering these Monday posts and when I went back to see how many I'd done, I was pretty amazed that this is number 115. That is a whole lot of random coming at you on Mondays.

>> On the first day of Spring, we got 6 inches of snow in New Haven. Like legit cover the ground, cars sliding off roads snow. And Saturday morning, we woke up to more snow. Luckily, it's melting really fast but it's not warming up much at all. For someone who enjoys the seasons, I'm just ready for Spring. If it doesn't get here fast we'll just skip it all together and go right to summer.

>> After watching come of Amelia's videos, I was intrigued by this new-to-me line called Kiko. I had never been into the store and didn't know anything about the brand so I was excited to pop into the new one in New Haven. I picked up a cream highlight/blush stick, an eyebrow kit, and a liquid lipgloss (um $1.90!!). I really like the products and love that the whole line is so affordable. I'll report back on how I get on with the products.

>> I'm REALLY trying to use up a whole bunch of products and I'm collecting a whole bag of things to go through in a post. Knowing that I need to have a bunch of stuff to write about is definitely motivating me to use stuff up.

>> I made this salad two times in a row for dinner guests and it was a HUGE hit. Even with the guy who strictly eats meat and potatoes. Getting him to eat kale and have a second serving feels like a pretty big win.

>> I've really been loving the FitStar Yoga app. For whatever reason, once I get home from work, it's really hard to get the motivation to leave the house again. Being able to do yoga at home and actually get a decent workout is awesome. I like the variety of sessions and that you can customize it based on your level.

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